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1. Emotional Quotient, a (notional) measure of a person's adequacy in such areas as self-awareness, empathy, and dealing sensitively with other people.

2. Equalisation, the electronic balancing of sound frequencies on audio recording equipment or hi-fi to reduce distortion or achieve a specific effect.

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- Creative development for intuitive minds -

With over 25 years of combined experience delivering creative products for individuals, universities, not-for-profit arts organisations and Fortune 500 companies, Australian-born and New York-based founders Matthew Lee Robinson and Scott Morris believe that every person, from executive to school-age student, deserves access to creative training rooted in personal care and efficiency over effort.


We welcome you to get in touch with us and join the ranks of our learning community, ranging from professional and aspiring performing artists through to creative entrepreneurs, who engage in vocal coaching, mentorship, group workshops, and creative consulting. Clients have appeared across Broadway, TV and film, studied in Bachelor and Masters programs worldwide, and led creative departments throughout the educational and entertainment spheres.

Who We Are

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Matthew Lee Robinson


Managing Partner

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Scott Morris


Managing Partner

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Laura Jane Aulsebrook

Client Liaison

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