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Open Book offers a new perspectives and experiences of English Literature and Dramatic texts through classroom-based workshops.

Catering to teachers who wish to lift student appreciation of a curriculum text, these workshops set out to explore characters, major themes and conflicts in a safe, creative and interactive work-shop environment.

By encouraging the notion of ‘play’ dramatised scenes, monologues and descriptive language are brought to life in group activities encouraging student participation.
As Shakespeare never meant for his plays to be treated as stagnant and life-less text, through Open Book; ​plays, novels, and poems can be explored, expressed and appreciated as voices of the author, as breathing individuals and living experiences.

Paul Reichstein
Creator of Open Book

Open Book Texts

Half or Full Day


This serves as an introductory scaffold to the experience of a play, novel, or collection of poetry that serves to complement and enliven both current units of study and students’ broader learning. Ideal for a double or two double-classroom periods, half and full-day workshops offer students the opportunity to play with dramatic text and engage in meaningful discussion of themes, author intention and character motivation away from the desk.

Offering a more detailed exploration of the chosen text, or several texts, the 2-3 day workshop allows students to encounter, revisit and build on their experience over a broader period in conjunction with their unit of study or as an enhancement of the literature in question. Monologue, duologue, chorus work, descriptive text, poetic techniques and discussions of Shakespeare and the world that shaped his work, are buttressed by knowledge of the landscape in which the play was written.

Two or Three Day


Delivering an in-depth, immersive approach to one or several texts, and designed through deeper collaboration with the classroom teacher, the 5-day workshop provides a generous experience for one or multiple year levels across Drama, English and/or Humanities departments. The written word is given voice through monologue, duologue, chorus work, descriptive text, poetic investigation and contextual analysis, while allowing students to generate an unparalleled relationship with the power of language.

Five Day



John Bell, A.O, Founder of Bell Shakespeare Company

“Paul is a patient, devoted, driven and enthusiastic individual and an asset to any theatre company and profession in which he works. He is committed to exploring new ideas whilst possessing the ability to lead as a director, facilitator and teacher.”


Nigel Scoggins, Head of English Scotch College

“Paul brought a fresh perspective to the text and got the students on their feet and moving around. His energy and enthusiasm for the text and its themes rubbed off on the students, who appreciated his candour and his dynamism. I liked the activities that Paul had devised and his encouraging approach, especially with the more reluctant students.”


Curt L. Toftleland, Shakespeare Behind Bars.

“Reichstein is deeply respected by Shakespeare Behind Bars founder, Curt L. Toftleland for his creativity and intelligence, as well as for the passion he brings to his desire to work professionally as a Prison Arts Practitioner in Australia.”


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